Never trust a thin Chef

Or, never trust a person who says he or she does not trust a thin Chef. Just because you have a certain shape of your body, it does not tell you how good you are at work. It sounds so strange for me to hear, because it makes no sense. At all.

I mean, you can have a pretty healthy lifestyle and be a sucker for sweet stuff anyway. And you can most certainly be good in making sweet things. Just saying. It is all about balance, just as everything else in life. If you have balance you will feel better and be better.

So today I will start my day with some fresh centrifugated juice. This morning the recipe is: Carrots, beet root, celery, green apple and ginger. It is like an explosion in the mouth. After that I’m ready to start my day by making a mousse cake, pralines and then hit the gym for a tough cross training hour. Balance.

On Saturday I will give you the result of the cake and the pralines. And next week you will follow me on my road trip in the north of Sweden where I will make chocolate decorations and sculptures every day.

And also, my new necklace is amazing.

Stay tuned
Love/ Bakfia


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