The Magic of Traveling

Travel is life. Life is a travel. Well at least I love the whole concept of traveling. From the time when you click ”forward” on your plane ticket payment, pack your bag and decide how many shoes to bring (usually too many) until the day when you finally take your bag to the airport. For me it doesn’t matter if I’m going for holiday, studies or work, I always love the day of traveling. And I always love to see new places and taste and smell new cultures. It is amazing and I’m so happy I have the opportunity to travel a lot.

The bonus about having a job like I have, is that you can take your work anywhere. I don’t have to be in one country or one place, I have the luxury to choose. And also now, when I don’t have a permanent home by my own, I see the whole world as my home. Amazing huh?

Next ”home” and workplace is off course Italy, but first I have 12 days of working in Sweden. So hello Piteå, tomorrow I will make Valentines chocolate decorations and talk Pastry all day long.

Until next time


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