I often get questions about where I get my inspiration from. My answer is life. Wherever you go there is something that will get stuck in your head. It can be from what you see, taste or feel. It is all about to open your mind. I have always been a person that has a lot of emotions and can easily have a day on my own just to lay on the ground to feel the floor underneath me, smell the nature in the forest or just light a candle, put on some music and breath. At least for a moment, then I have to put all my ideas to reality.

I also work when I sleep. I don’t know how many dance pieces that has been created in my sleep, and flavours and looks for desserts. It is amazing, our brain. You just have to open it to find your way to use it as much as possible. Start with some hours without internet, cellphone and people and just be with you, you and you. Take a breath and put the amazing world in to your head and take a sip of the inspiration tea.

Lets do it!



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