april, 2017

The Story

Shy. Insecure. Thin. Flat. Big feet. No hips. No shapes. But hey I was funny. And I was smart, but not too smart, so I melted in. Like room tempered milk.

So I was not the pretty girl, not the smart girl, so who was I? I was the one in the middle that had a lot of friends and a loving family but still felt like something was missing. I did not know who I was. So I tried to do everything others told me to. But never did I really think of what was best for me, or what I wanted. Because I was afraid, scared and insecure that what I wanted was not good enough. I was not good enough to have dreams of my own.

That was my life when I was a young girl in high school. My life before I realized I’m good just the way I am.

Why do we people always focus on the wrong things?

I think it is because we all have struggles. We all have a backpack of things, some hidden and some open, all in a pretty little mix in the bag. But never is it too late to re-pack, throw out old crap and start fresh, if that is what you need. Never. The only thing that can stop you from a change; is YOU.

And it is time to start focusing on what is important in life, because I’m shore its not the size of your hips or feet.

Start doing what makes you happy, not what others might think make you happy!