BakFias Workout School!

             Welcome to BakFias workout school.

This is some exercises that might get you in the shape that you want. My vision with training is to have fun and I enjoy every minute of my workout sessions.

Let’s do this!

No. 1

”Running for the Cinnamon bun”
This is perfect for you who would like to make yourself ready for a marathon or shorter running sessions. And yes as you can see, you always need something to motivate you. And you always need a reward for your good job!

No. 2

 ”Yogini trying to catch the Cinnamon bun”
This is perfect for your butt and back. Stretch your arm forward as long as you can, and at the same time think that someone is pulling your leg backwards. A really nice exercise. Switch arms and legs a few times as well and when you are tired in your muscles you can take a bite of your bun and go further with the next exercise.

No. 3

 ”Biceps Cinnamon bun Queen”
Have a weight in one hand and a cinnamon bun in the other, then just press the weight/barbell up against your chest and with the second hand you press the cinnamon bun up towards your mouth and take a bite. A win-win situation as I would say.

Biceps curl Cinnamon video <– Check out the 5 second video as well!

No. 4

 ”Master of the ball Feeding the Muscles”
This one is difficult. It needs a lot of practice and balance. But just think of the reward, a cinnamon bun. Keep that in mind and step up on the ball in a squat position and then slowly press yourself up standing on the ball. Now you are the Master of the ball. Congratulations!

Last but not least

 ”Stretching Cinnamon bun”
When your workout session is done it feels nice to stretch your muscles to make them firm and to make yourself more loose-limbed. So here are some exercises you can do. The pictures talk for themselves.

Thank you for your attention and I will be back with more tricks and ways of staying in shape another time.

Have a nice week and good luck!